Contract Research and Development


At Foster Delivery Science we have the capability to support your drug delivery product development by providing services during pre-formulation studies, formulation and process development, and scale-up.

Pre-Formulation Studies

In the early stage we provide an array of services to facilitate the development of your pharmaceutical and drug delivery product. Our development capabilities include rapid screening studies (analytical characterization, thermal analysis, solubility, stability assessments, etc.), and proof of concept (PoC) studies.

Solubility Screening

One of the biggest challenges in modern drug development is poor solubility and low bioavailability. These characteristics often translate into a reduction of drug’s efficacy.

Foster Delivery Science’s team has proven expertise in analytical characterization of formulations and finished dosage forms including kinetic solubility and dissolution rate.

cGMP technician holding twin-screws for hot melt extrusion used for contract process development and manufacturing.

Formulation & Process Development

Our team and capabilities allow us to support your drug delivery product development at all stages. From identifying lead binary polymer/drug formulations – for oral and long-acting implants – to the development of customized manufacturing processes; we can characterize and generate stability information, compound small twin-screw extrusion batches (as small as 20g), customize the upstream and downstream processing equipment to cover the specific needs of your product, while using controlled systems and compliant quality procedures. 

Custom Manufacturing

At Foster Delivery Science we have the unique capability of being able to customize every step of the process to support the development of your product.

We have a vast range of equipment for pre-blend services, and Loss in Weight (LIW) feeding capabilities that are specifically designed to accurately dispense materials, including powders, liquids, or pellets.

In addition to the type of feeding system, Foster Delivery Science deploys different feeding methods to meet the goals of your product.  These methods include split feeding, downstream and different feed locations along the extruder barrel sections.

Melt Extrusion

Hot Melt Extrusion is a proven process used in the manufacturing of custom, polymer-based dosage forms for long term and local drug delivery.

Our industry standard Twin-screw extruders can be configured for a variety of processing approaches including co-extrusion. Twin screw extruders are frequently used to prepare solid dispersions due to their distributive and dispersive capacities, and short transit time. Screw elements, screw rotation and screw speeds can be custom tailored for each formulation.

Additionally, our single screw extruders are customized for Foster Delivery Science and specifically used to meet and control tight dimensional tolerances when extruding shapes.