Our Facility


Process Development Suites, GMP Suites, Sampling Room, cGMP Warehouse, Cold Storage, ICH Stability Chambers

Foster Delivery Science operates out of the recently opened new cGMP manufacturing facility to support increased demand for drug delivery applications. This 32,000 square foot (2,973 sq. meters) facility is located across the street from our original facility and parent company Foster Corporation and was commissioned in 2016.

The facility includes two cGMP suites for processing materials, a cGMP sampling room, and a cGMP warehouse for storage of APIs, raw materials, intermediates, and finished products. The facility houses two suites for research and development work. A comprehensive quality control lab provides in-house analytical testing, including microscopy, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, chromatography, non-sink dissolution and stability testing.
Foster Delivery Facility in Putnam, CT

Quality Certifications

At Foster Delivery Science, we believe that drug product development and manufacturing begin with a total commitment to quality. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is to ensure facility, equipment, procedures, records, the analytical methods used are designed and implemented to meet current GMPs. Quality Assurance is a key element but is only part of the commitment. This commitment is a foundation in our corporate culture and demands quality in every service we offer and every system our business is built on.