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Foster Delivery Science

Foster Delivery Science focuses on Hot Melt Extrusion and Complex Extrusion, applying our expertise using twin screw extruders not only for traditional solubility enhancement techniques, but to also create Long-Acting Implant and Film based drug delivery solutions. Our range of services include GMP / Clinical Trial / Commercial Manufacturing supported by formulation development, scale up and optimization of the process. As extrusion is a highly tailorable, continuous process by nature, melt granulation programs are also an obvious interest for lifecycle management and new drug development.

Using the industry range of FDA acceptable polymers, we can create bioresorbable and biodurable implants to deliver drugs over a desired period. These implants can be micro implants like ophthalmic applications or macro such as intravaginal rings. Excelling in Complex Extrusions, Foster Delivery Science can add layers or sheaths to take advantage of multiple API’s or deploy rate limiting membranes. We can also deliver effective APIs in a localized manner using transdermal and mucosal films and other polymer shapes, depending on drug need and client interest.

Foster Delivery Facility in Putnam, CT

Our History

Foster Delivery Science is a subsidiary company of Foster Corporation, leader in custom blending and extrusion of biomedical polymers and additives specialized in materials used for medical device application.

Foster Delivery Science started as a division of Foster Corporation in 2005, when a dedicated Foster team began leveraging its expertise in melt extrusion to serve the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. This subsidiary, Foster Delivery Science, was dedicated to polymer and process technology for drug delivery applications compliant to 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211.

Initially, the group operated in an incubator space including a process development suite, a GMP suite and a small warehouse, within the Headquarters of Foster Corporation at 45 Ridge Road, in Putnam, CT. By 2015, the business grew enough that a new space was necessary, and a new facility was built at 36 Ridge Road and the company was incorporated as Foster Deliver Science, Inc.

Today Foster Delivery Science operates out of a new 32,000 square foot cGMP manufacturing facility located at 36 Ridge Road, Putnam, CT across the street from its original location within Foster Corporation headquarters.

For more information about our sister company, Foster Corporation, please visit www.fostercomp.com